"Masters and Students" is a series of exhibition of European design education, dedicated to Chinese audiences by Four Zero Art Space. This is a great event of choosing an European design professor and his/her students' work annually, carrying out an exhibition and holding a seminar to have academic conversations between professors and students.

This year, we have invited professor Heinz Jurgen Kristahn from Berlin University of Art and 11 students come from Germany, USA, Switzerlan and Sakartvelo, to come to hangzhou for carrying out exhibitions and have conversations of design. The event "Master and Students" will interact with Universities in China every time. We are glad to cooperate with Hangzhou Institute of Art and Design and Business University and Design Collage of Nanjing Arts Institute this year. The exhibition is a display of achievements, accounted for professor Kristahn's teaching of 35 years in Berlin University of Art. Nearly 100 pieces of original works of professor Kristahn's and 60 pieces of work from his students will be exhibited, this including works in the field of poster, layout, book design, new media and cooperate identity etc. The exhibition will be holding at Hangzhou and Nanjing at the same time.

Exhibition time:

exhibition in Hangzhou: from 8th to 27th September 2009
Opening cocktail party: 15:00, 8th September; Four Zero Art Space
exhibition in Nanjing: from 14 to 22, September 2009
Opening ceremony: 11:00, 14th September; Design Collage, Nanjing Arts Institute (No. 15, Hujubei Road, Nanjing)

Topic of seminar:

35 years of design education in Germany
seminar of exhibition in Hangzhou: 8th, 9th, September;
College of Art, Zhejiang University of Technology
Add: No. 18, xuezhenjie, Xiasha Highter Educational District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
Nanjing: 13th, 14th, September
Design College, Nanjing Arts Institute No. 15, Hujubei Road, Nanjing

Topic of forum:

the similarity and differences between design educations in Germany and China, discussion of design system, new technology and teaching, the similarity and differences of basic teaching, the relationship of design and art, the similarity and differences of design education system and credits.