What makes Shanghai addictive?

"What makes Shanghai addictive?" is a mixed media event and exhibition of mass produced images, which are printed on posters and declared to be bulk goods.
"What makes Shanghai addictive?" is art for the masses, it is tangible and it challenges the audience to satisfy their addiction to unique motifs and urban art.
14 Shanghai based graphic designers and artists asked themselves what makes their home base addictive and converted their ideas in a photo(graphic) way. The result is 14 unique artworks, seeing behind the curtains of Shanghai, one of the most exciting international cities and China's window to the world. The works will be presented and available for audiences to collect from September 11th until September 14th at the Kuppelsaal of the Rodeo-Club at the former ?Postfuhramt" in Berlin.

Shanghai's art scene is young, fast and international. The city is considered one of the most exciting and ambitious metropolitan places in the world wide. The number of independent designers, artists and private collectives is constantly growing and represents an important opposition to government organisations in China. 14 local heroes dealt with the question what is so special about their hometown, what is the fascination and the appeal of Shanghai and why are human beings addicted to this boom-town.

The result is 14 unique, multi-faceted graphic designs and illustrations - pictures and artworks with very personal perspectives of the city. There are many ways to see Shanghai. The point of view of the artists includes descriptions like ?Ibiza of Asia", ?colourful, funny, irregular diverse - the city is like a chameleon" or ?socialist heaven". However you look at Shanghai, it is China's most international city, it captivates and it is magnetic. If you take time to look deeper into the city you'll get lost in it.

What makes Shanghai/Berlin addictive is a creative exchange between the metropolises Berlin and Shanghai. In September 2006, artist from Berlin previously exhibited artworks in Shanghai about their own fascination of the German capital. Now their Chinese peers have the chance to present their imaginings of their own city in Berlin. The event will be an interactive platform and a meeting place for creative and interested people.

In addition to the exhibition there will be workshops between the artists from both cities. The artists from Shanghai will collaborate with the Berlin designers on three dimensional designs which expand upon the works in the show. The platform will be used to enhance existing contacts and ideas.
The exhibition website www.shanghai-addictive.com opens the project to a global audience. Visitors will have the opportunity to get more information about the project, add comments and their own designs.

"What makes ..... addictive?" is the start of an idea which will be continued in other cities all over the world. The idea is to create a global creative network and international exchange for artists in the most vibrant cities all over the globe.
Press: Stefan Bernhard / salon public relations
Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 7
Kino im Zentralburo
10178 Berlin, Germany
telephone: +49.30.24 63 99 60

"What makes Shanghai addictive?" - Event exhibition

11th September 2007 to 14th September 2007
Kuppelsaal, Rodeo-Club, Postfuhramt
Oranienburgerstrasse 35-36,10115 Berlin

Opening hours & special events:
daily from 10.00am until late

Tuesday 11th September 2007, 7.30pm
Evening of the colourful dancing dragon:
Wednesday 12th September 2007, from 8.30pm at the PFA-Bar,
with live painting and music

Friday 14th September 2007, 11.00pm

Perk - Jin Ningning & Si Wei, More - Jiang Zhenhua, WZL - Wang Yuwei, Jellymon - Lin
Lin & Sam Jacobs, Coca - Dai Jian Yong, Ideaprisoner - Bei Bang, I love left - Liu Qing,
Zhang Da, Ma Liang, Huang Yonggang, Jiang Jian, Lui Fei, Xu Yi Bing, Qian Qian

Berlin China Cultural Bridges e.V.
Coordination Berlin
Vanguard Gallery Shanghai

Jinaping He, Lise Li, Jacques Magiera, Anne Rottig, Brigitte Speich, Tilman Thurmer