AGI - To Kyo To
Editor+Design: Jianping He
Staff: Annika Wolfzettel
Measures: 21 x 16 cm
Place and date: Berlin, July 2007
Client: AGI
ISBN: 978-3-9810544-6-0
Publisher: Hesign (Berlin/Shanghai)
Description: The book includes reports about the AGI Congress "To Kyo To" in Tokyo and Kyoto,2006, Japan, which international leading graphic designers under the theme "Diversity of Japanese Culture" participated in. The congress "To Kyo To" showed the opposites in Japanese Culture, more specifically directed to graphic design, in relation to the characteristic 'flatness of Japanese Graphic Design’. The book consists of 276 pages with more than 407 color illustrations, featuring the work of the new AGI members 2006.
Photo by Phillip Birau (Berlin) 2007