Vision of Design
Editor+Design: Jianping He
Staff: Annika Wolfzettel
Measures: 17 x 24 cm
Place and date: Berlin, 2007
Publisher: PageOne (Singapore) & Hesign (Berlin/Shanghai)
Description: The graphic design series "Vision of design" was published by PageOne & Hesign Publishing House (Berlin/Shanghai) as a part of the series Vision of Design. There are more than 200 pictures in the book on 160 pages. "Vision of Design" is a series of books featuring an extensive range of international graphic designers. Curated to bring some of the most powerful statements in graphic design to the masses, the series boldy tackles desingers whose works are shpaed by their context. Each book focuses on an outstanding designer, selected for their stunning art direction. The artist realeased this year include Reza Abedini (Iran), Lech Majewski (Poland), Michel Bouvet (France),Studio Boot (Netherlands) and Istvan Orosz (Hungary). Provocative and distinctive, the Vision of Design series showcases the works of distinguished designers, who are making international impact with their brilliant work.
Photo by Phillip Birau (Berlin) 2008