One by One
Editor: Jianping He
Design & Layout: Jianping He
Staff: John Dai, Nora Gailer, Diana Lischer, Helen Mailloux, Allan McEvoy, Dominique Schmitz, Dorota Stachowicz, Agnieszka Wrzosek, Becky Wong
Translation & Proofreading: Michael Funk
Measures: 18.5 x 26 cm
Place and date: Berlin, 2012
ISBN: 978-3-9814557-0-0
Publisher: Hesign (Publishing & Design) Germany
Description: This book is just like a Yellow Pages Directory. In this book, 477 outstanding graphic designers, 3477 pieces of their works, contacts as well as their curriculum vitae are recorded. The size of book is 185 × 240 mm, with a wooden box outside. Each page introduces one designer in English. The book not only includes the great designers in Europe, America and Japan, but also records the eminent designers in some overlooked countries such as South Africa, India, Thailand, Croatia, Columbia etc. From the wide range of 477 designers and their design studios, the reader can have a glance into today's situation of the design industry in the world. This is a professional design book which provides design consultation and regards as a design learning materials; This is also a collective and functional directory which contains information about the design industry around the world.