New Generation of Design
Editor+Design: Jianping He
Staff: Annika Wolfzettel
Measures: 21,5 x 25 cm
Place and date: Berlin, 2008
Publisher: PageOne (Singapore) & Hesign (Berlin/Shanghai) & Index Book (Spain)
This five-book series features a young cohort of graphic designers who active on the international scene. Each book focuses on an up-and-coming internationally renowned and established designer who is hand-picked for their definitive role in graphic design. Artists include: GerwinSchmidt(Germany); Alejandro Magallanes(Mexico); He Jianping(Germany); Isidro Ferrer(Spain) and Dr Peche(France).These Full-colour books contain visually stunning posters, the artistí»s latest works and inspiring images.
Photo by Phillip Birau (Berlin) 2008